Mayor Jack DeLorenzo
Excerpts from the Mayors Address
January 3, 2016

Mayor Jack DeLorenzo New Year Comments

Let me extend a very sincere thank you to the community of Hasbrouck Heights for placing their faith and trust in me and electing me your Mayor.

Thank you to the Borough employees who pulled some extra weight during the holidays to make sure we were all prepared today for the beginning of a true reorganization.

As I begin my term as Mayor, I encourage all sworn officials of Hasbrouck Heights to remember,as I will as we conduct our business and do our jobs, we serve "Under the Authority of the People" – sometimes this is forgotten. As we all adjust and move forward into 2016, I will touch briefly on several areas of concern.

Finance - I have assigned Senior Council Member Justin DiPisa to the position of FinanceCommissioner to lead this important committee in 2016. Deputy Commissioner Sonya Buckmanalso has many years of experience and has always showed good judgment where spending taxdollars is concerned.

As the most common and to many THE most important issue we face is controlling spending. Aspromised, I, along with the Council and CFO/Administrator Michael Kronyak, will do our best and make it a priority to spend tax dollars wisely while delivering efficient and effective services to the community. As a committee we will meet with the Department heads to discuss various ways to accomplish our goals. Their input and ideas will be vital to moving Hasbrouck Heights forward.

The Hasbrouck Heights Police Department - I was privileged to serve as a member of the Hasbrouck Heights Police Department for 25 years. I believe now as I did then a well-trained, well-respected Police Department is essential to our community. The Hasbrouck Heights Police Department was the example of community policing for as long as I can remember.

I ask our Chief and all of our officers to remember that the first mission of our Police Departmentis to Protect the citizens, property and the entire community of Hasbrouck Heights.

We should continue the tradition of community policing that had been so effective over the years.I ask that they work to strengthen relationships with community organizations so we can develop trust and respect between our officers and the public.

Hasbrouck Heights Fire Department - I have worked alongside many of these men and women who volunteer their time to their cause and the community.

I had the privilege as my first duty as Mayor to swear in the Fire Chiefs and Officers on January 1. Their Commissioner Dave Gonzalez takes his role seriously and truly feels he is one of them.Along with Deputy Commissioner Russell Lipari they are in good hands. I want the Firefighters and our Ambulance Squad Members to know they have my full support and appreciation.

DPW, Streets and Sanitation, Public Facilities and Transportation - Dave Gonzalez and Pam Link working with our DPW Superintendent Bill Spindler, Assistant Superintendent Jim Schneider and our DPW workers have an important role maintaining our facilities including ourbuildings, grounds and parks. Our buildings and grounds and Borough equipment are wellmaintained and cared for by these men.

Many of our streets are in need of repair and paving. We will address this issue over the next few weeks and develop a plan to make noticeable progress this spring. We will continue to count on them to keep Hasbrouck Heights looking beautiful.

Recreation and Parks - Our newest Councilman, Peter Traina, Jr., will be the Recreation Commissioner. I’m sure with Deputy Commissioner Sonya Buckman and Director Rob Brady they will continue to provide and expand Recreation opportunities. I have spoken to Mr. Brady and he has some great ideas for 2016. I look forward to hearing about them in more detail andworking with him on our new Parks project.

Committee to Recognize Military Service - This new committee will recognize those serving our Country in the United Stated Armed Forces who are from Hasbrouck Heights. We have many residents who are serving in our military. I do not think we have recognized the sacrifice they and their families make while they are protecting our freedom. Councilman Gonzalez read a very touching poem at the last Council meeting that really sends this message home. The committee will research ways to recognize Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Marines. Once we gather information I will ask them to bring recommendations to myself and the Council.

Hasbrouck Heights is lucky to have Borough employees that are qualified and professional. I’m sure if you have any questions, issues or concerns they will be happy to help you.

I wish everyone a healthy, happy and prosperous New Year.

I look forward to working with the Council, Borough employees and the entire community in 2016.

Thank you.

Jack DeLorenzo, Mayor


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