Mayor & Council

Mayor and Council -- Second and Fourth Tuesdays at 8:00 p.m. at  320 Boulevard
Residents are welcome at these meetings.
Mayor’s Office
-- 201-288-4111

[2017] Meeting Schedule in pdf format

Mayor and Council
Mayor [email] Jack Delorenzo
Council [email] Josephine Ciocia
Justin A. DiPisa   (Council President)
Ron Kistner
Pamela J. Link
Russell Lipari
Peter Traina


2017 Borough Council Committees
Commissioner of Finance Justin A. DiPisa  
    Deputy Commissioner of Finance Peter Traina
Commissioner of Police Ron Kistner
    Deputy Commissioner of Police Peter Traina
Commissioner of Fire Russell Lipari
    Deputy Commissioner of Fire Peter Traina
Commissioner of Transportation Pamela J. Link
    Deputy Commissioner of  Transportation Josephine Ciocia
Commissioner of Public Works Ron Kistner
    Deputy Commissioner of  Public Works Pamela J. Link
Commissioner of Health Russell Lipari
  Deputy Commissioner of Health Justin A. DiPisa
Commissioner of Land Use Russell Lipari
  Deputy Commissioner of Land Use Ron Kistner
Commissioner of Recreation Justin A. DiPisa
      Deputy Commissioner of Recreation Josephine Ciocia
Commissioner of Social Services Josephine Ciocia
     Deputy Commissioner of Social Services Pamela J. Link
Commissioner of Technology Peter Traina
  Deputy Commissioner of Technology Josephine Ciocia
Senior Citizens' Ombudsman Russell Lipari
Juvenile Outreach Ombudsman Peter Traina
Library Liaison Josephine Ciocia
Drug Alliance Chairperson Justin A. DiPisa
Municipal League Liaison Jack DeLorenzo
Intergovernmental Services Liaison Justin A. DiPisa
Chamber of Commerce Liaison Ron Kistner
Community Awarness Access For All Liaison Pamela J. Link
Environmental & Transportation Commission Liaison David Gonzalez
DPW Mayor's Liaison Douglas Lanzo
Fire Department Mayor's Liaison Thomas Meli/David Gonzalez
Recreation Department Mayor's Liaison Christopher DeLorenzo
TANAAC Mayor's Liaison Fritz Rethage
Mayor's Committee on Community Celebrations Liaison Laura Baker

Municipal Positions
Administrator Michael Kronyak
Assessor George Reggo
Attorney Ralph W. Chandless, Jr.
Auditor Paul Garbarini, Jr.
Board of Health Laura French, Sec'y.
Clerk [email] Rose Marie Sees
Construction Code Official Nicholas Melfi
Court Administrator Susan Paul
Emergency Management Police Chief Michael Colaneri
Engineer Kenneth G. B. Job, P.E.
Fire Chief Patrick Hayes
Municipal Judge Joseph R. Jones
Library Director Mimi Hui
Planning Board Dorothy Bernice
Property Maintenance Official Ronald Monteleone
Police Chief Michael Colaneri
Recreation Director Robert Brady
Recycling William Spindler
Social/ Human Services
Supt. of Public Works William Spindler
Tax Collector Conchita Parker
Treasurer Michael Kronyak
Zoning Information Dorothy Bernice



PUBLIC NOTICE is hereby given that during the year 2016 the Mayor and Council of the Borough of Hasbrouck Heights will hold two regular meetings a month at the Boro Hall, 320 Boulevard, Hasbrouck Heights, N.J. at 8:00 p.m.

PUBLIC NOTICE is also given that during the year 2016 the Mayor and Council of the Borough of Hasbrouck Heights will hold a caucus following the first regular meeting of each month at 8:30 p.m.

Previous Mayor & Council
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