Board of Health
Municipal Offices located at 320 Boulevard

Board of Health Meetings
Second Wednesday in month at 7:30 p.m.  at
320 Boulevard

Board of Health Secretary and Registar
Laura French

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Office Hours
Board of Health -- 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon and 1:00 p.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday -- 201-288-1636

Administrative Information

Animal Control Services

Hasbrouck Heights contracts with the Bergen County Animal Control to provide animal control services. Residents may obtain these services by calling the shelter at 201-752-4260.  Calls requiring service on private property requires a fee paid by homeowner, Monday through Friday, from 9 A.M. to 5 p.m. and through the Hasbrouck Heights Police Department at all other times.

Dog licenses must be obtained in January of each year. The fee is $15 or $12 if altered. A $10 late charge is added to the licensing fee if the license has not been obtained by the end of February.   A $20 late charge is added to the licensing fee if the license has not been obtained by the end of May.

The Health Department investigates all complaints about animals.

The Bergen County Animal Shelter in Teterboro, New Jersey also provides free rabies immunizations. Call the Animal Shelter at 201-229-4600 for more information on their vaccination clinic.

Emergencies (injured animal or wildlife that has invaded a home) should be directed to the Hasbrouck Heights Police Department at 201-288-1000.

Citizen Complaints

Complaints cover a wide range of areas from food establishment, lack of heat or hot water in multiple dwellings, animal bites to humans, rodents, etc. Complainants contacting the Department for assistance, should be prepared to leave their name, address and telephone number.

Food Inspection

The Health Department routinely inspects licensed retail food establishments, pre-package stores, mobile trucks and vending machines to insure compliance with the State Food Regulations. Two full inspections plus spot checks are mandated by the Hasbrouck Heights Board of Health.  An on-going food sampling program of potentially hazardous food is conducted monthly by the Department from retail food establishments. Public swimming pools and tanning salons are also inspected.

Employees handling and preparing food in establishments serving the public are mandated to take a course of instruction and pass a test to become a certified food handler, with a renewal every 2 years.

Civil Unions and Marriage Licenses Applications
License Applications are taken by appointment only.  Please call 201-288-1636 to make and appointment.. There is a $28 license fee. A mandatory 72-hour waiting period is required from application to the issuance of license.  An applicant  must live in Hasbrouck Heights. Other requirements exist and applicants are encouraged to call  for details.

Vital Statistics
The Health Department maintains records of births, deaths and marriages that have occurred in Hasbrouck Heights, dating back to 1906 for birth, marriage and death records.  Certificates for births, marriage and deaths which occurred in Hasbrouck Heights can only be provided by our Department. (Records are kept in the Municipality where the event occurred). Certified copies of vital statistics records cost $15 for each copy requested. Call 201-288-1636 for more information.

Click here for Registrars of Vital Statistics for each Municipality in New Jersey.

Health Information

Adult Health Screenings Offered:

Health Consultation - Free consultation with a Registered Nurse, where weight, height, blood pressure and life-style assessments are discussed to identify individual health risk factors.  Free program to identify residents with elevated blood pressure. No appointment is necessary.  Programs held on the 4th Thursday of the month at the Municipal Building, 320 Boulevard, from 10 A.M. to 1 P.M..

Influenza Vaccination - Conducted normally in October to provide protection for the flu season. Administrated by the Board of Health and the Bergen County Department of Health Services.  Fees: Flu $20, Pneumonia $25, those over 65 years of age Medicare Part B.  Senior Flu Shots are available.

Child Health Clinic - Child Health Conference
A clinic where residents can bring their children up to 18 years old for nutritional assessment, immunizations against childhood illnesses, evaluation of growth and development, lead testing, counseling and referrals. Parents are to contact local Health Department for information.  Program conducted in conjunction with River Edge Health Department.   Free to Borough residents.

Health R

Please visit, a NJ web page that helps you decide what is the right fish for you to eat. This page contains information on freshwater, marine water and local waterbody advisories as well as the benefits of eating fish. In addition, you can find out the current and past fish consumption research that has been conducted by the New Jersey Division of Science, Research and Technology as well as what is being done by neighboring states. ###

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