Borough Clerk
Municipal Offices located at 320 Boulevard
Borough Clerk: Rose Marie Sees
201-288-0195  [Email]

Office Hours
Borough Clerk - 9:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday through Fridays --

Administrative Information

The Borough Clerk's office provides copies of documents, maps, ordinances, applications, forms, passport applications, voter registrations, historical information, recycling schedules, etc.

This office handles personnel matters, maintains required records, serves as secretary to the municipal governing body and municipal corporation, maintains all ordinances, issues permits, etc.

The Borough Clerks office handles all school, primary, general and special election duties to include providing voter registration forms, absentee ballot applications, letters of certification of voter registration for identification purposes and any information regarding elections within Hasbrouck Heights.

In addition, the
Borough Clerks is responsible for:

  1. Keep and preserve the minutes and records of the proceedings of Council.
  2. Prepare detailed written minutes and make them available to Council.  Upon approval of Council, the minutes shall be made available to the public.
  3. Preserve and compile all ordinances and resolutions and at the end of each year, codify and bind all ordinances and resolutions.
  4. Have custody of the Borough Seal.
  5. Have and take custody of all official books, papers and documents of the Borough for which no other provision is made.
  6. Provide secretarial and clerical services for the Council and all Council members in the discharge of their official duties.
  7. Prepare, arrange, keep and amend the Council meeting agendas, pursuant to the direction of Council.
  8. Perform the functions required by Municipal Clerks by the general election law and any other State law or ordinance and receive the Borough use the fees prescribed therefore.
  9. Administer the licensing provisions of Borough Ordinances where no other provision is made.
  10. Perform the functions vested in the Clerk by State law and ordinances relating to bingo and raffles licensing.
  11. Coordinate activities between the Council and the various boards and bodies of the Borough and collect and distribute the minutes of various boards and bodies of the Borough.

Permits and Licenses

The Borough Clerk's office issues a variety of permits and licenses.  Additional information and regulations for each type of license is available at the office. Here is a brief description of requirements and fees:

Amusement games - a license is required to operate amusement games in permitted establishments. Fee is $500 per machine per year.  ABC sites are $250 per machine per year.

Bingo License
- available to qualified organizations licensed by Legalized Games of Chance. License needed for each occasion by Mayor and Council resolution.

Burglar Alarms
-- All residential alarms must be registered with the Police Department and a permit must be obtained from the Borough Clerk's Office.  Fee is $25 for central station and $10 annual renewal.  $10 for outside audible (one time fee).

Initial business burglar alarm fee is $100 and a $25 annual renewal.

- if you need to place a dumpster on the street, a permit is required. Dumpsters should be lighted or provided with safety cones, markers, etc.  No permit is needed if the dumpster can fit in driveway.

Hotel/Motel Licenses - A license must be obtained for each hotel or motel.  Fee is $650.  Mayor and Council approval is needed by resolution.

Garage Sale -- two garage sales for two consecutive days each are permitted per year. A permit must be obtained from the Borough Clerk's Office. A garage sale is defined as the selling of used household items. There is a $15 fee for the first sale and $10 for the second sale.

- Certificate to obtain "o" license from Motor Vehicle available only to business based in Hasbrouck Heights. Insurance policy and proof of ownership required.

Liquor Licenses
- renewed yearly. Application process in compliance with Alcoholic Beverage Control Commission requirements.

Raffle Licenses - available to qualified organizations licensed by Legalized Games of Chance. License needed for each occasion by Mayor and Council resolution. Fees are based upon the type of raffle.

- must have permit to solicit in residential zone for personal profit. Application with required documentation must be provided and approved by the Hasbrouck Heights Police Department.

Street Opening - A permit is needed if street is needed to be opened for any type of construction.  Fees are based on the type of work to be done.

Woodland Park Picnic Facilities -- A permit must be obtained from the Borough Clerk's Office for use of picnic facilities.


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