Municipal Offices located at 320 Boulevard

2007 Municipal Appointments

Position Appointee Term
Borough Attorney Wifredo J. Ortiz II to 12/31/07
Bond Attorney Joseph Baumann Jr. to 12/31/07
Labor Attorney Brian Campbell to 12/31/07
Tax Appeal   Attorney Joseph Zisa to 12/31/07
Capital Improvement Attorney Donald Lenner to 12/31/07
Borough Engineer Richard Maser
Maser Consulting
to 12/31/07
Purchasing Agent/
Administrative Officer of Land Use
Michael J. Kronyak 1 Year
Borough Clerk Rose Marie Sees Tenured
Borough Auditor Gary Vinci to 12/31/07
Superintendent D.P.W./
Cert. Public Works Manager
Recycling Coordinator
William Spindler 1 Year
Appraiser Ernest Del Guercio to 12/31/07
Construction Code Officer/
Building Subcode
Property Maintenance
Officer/Zoning Enforcement Officer
Nick Melfi 1 Year
Property Maintenance Officer Edmund Carter 1 Year
Plumbing Inspector Richard Vanatta 1 Year
Electric Sub-Code Official Scott Pomarico 1 Year
Fire Code Official Arthur Jackson 1 Year

Hotel/Multiple Dwelling Inspector

Jesse D'Amore 1 Year
Prosecutor Catherine M. Bani to 12/31/07
Court Administrator Susan Paul 1 Year
Public Defender Thomas Mason 1 Year
Public Defender, Alt James Coviello to 12/31/07

Alternate Prosecutor

Ricahrd J. Conte to 12/31/07
Alternate Prosecutor 1 Year
Borough Historian Louise Davenport 1 Year
Planner Joseph Burgis to 12/31/07
Board of Health Secretary Laura French 1 Year
Board of Health Registar Laura French 3 Years
Board of Health Deputy Registar 3 Years
Board of Health Robert Corso to 12/31/09
Barbara Smith to 12/31/10
Lou Castellitto to 12/31/10
Tina-Louise Dowd  Alt. to 12/31/07
Local Assistance Board Stephen Altobelli 12/31/07
Mary Barone 12/31/07
Charles Giamo 12/31/07
General Assessment Board Doug Lanzo to 12/31/09
Greg Condal to 12/31/07
Planning Board Mayor Ronald R. Jones Incumbency
Nicholas Melfi 1 Year
Dorothy Bernice 1 Year
Henry Dobelaar 4 Years
Gilbert Hunt 4 Years
Andrea Blocker 4 Year
Dr. Gerald Sternbach 4 Years
Maryetta Saccomano Classs III to 12/31/07
Marlene Verrastro, Alt. 2 1 Year
Zoning Board of Adjustment Doug Lanzo to 12/31/10
Enrico Palummieri, Alt 2 to 12/31/07
Free Public Library Mayor Ronald R. Jones Incumbency
Mayor's Alternate Sonya Buckman 1 Year
School Superintendent Joseph Luongo 1 Year
BOE Alternate Edwinna Carroll 1 Year
Rose Ellen Lorber Termaat to 12/31/12
Rent Leveling Board Alice Vega to 12/31/07
Dolores Tuesto to 12/31/07
Craig Williams to 12/31/07
Juan Hernandez to 12/31/07
Lois Hettel to 12/31/07
Recreation Programs
Advisory Committee
Mayor Ronald R. Jones 1 Year
Anthony DiNanno to 12/31/07
George Campen to 12/31/09
Linda Bright 12/31/09
Eileen Kiick 12/31/09
Freddy Blake 12/31/09

Director of Recreation

Robert Brady 1 Year
Senior Citizens Advisory Committee Edward Hart to 12/31/07
Audrey Ascione 1 Year
Claire Happe 1 Year
Delores Jones 1 Year
Mary D’Andrea 1 Year
Elsie Paolini to 12/31/07
Lois Hettel 1 Year
Michael Conti to 12/31/07
Anne Ciavaglia 1 Year
John Fitzin 1 Year
Dorothy Fitzin 1 Year
Marlene Verrastro 1 Year
Bob Burns to 12/31/07
Theresa Call to 12/31/07
Robert Call to 12/31/07
Alice Vega to 12/31/07
Rev. Katherine Ellison to 12/31/07
Community Awareness Access
for all Committee
Mayor Ronald R. Jones to 12/31/07
Mayor's Alternate Justin A. DiPisa to 12/31/07
Anne Ciavaglia to 12/31/07
Robert Ciavaglia 1 Year
Eric Bischoff 1 Year
Police Chief or Designee 1 Year
Pam Link 1 Year
John Dingertopadre 1 Year
Maryann Pisani 1 Year
Brenda Colaneri 1 Year
Dorothy McCarthy 1 Year
Patrick McCarthy 1 Year
Amy McCarthy 1 Year
John Fitzin 1 Year
Dorthy Fitzin 1 Year
Mark DiPisa to 12/31/07
Robert DiPisa to 12/31/07
Henry Hoff to 12/31/07
Sally Hoff to 12/31/07
Michelle Bischoff to 12/31/07
Mayor's Boulevard
Beautification Committee
Mayor Ronald R. Jones to 12/31/07
Mayor's Alternate Grace Hampel to 12/31/07
Act. DPW Superintendent William Spindler to 12/31/07
Chamber of Commerce Ray Vorisek to 12/31/07
Mary Jones to 12/31/07
Rose Marie DiPisa to 12/31/07
Phil Hodulik to 12/31/07
Vicky Costa to 12/31/07
Robert Call to 12/31/07
Barbara Smith to 12/31/07
Julie Palummieri to 12/31/07
Ann Lustberg to 12/31/07
Bill O'Shea to 12/31/07
Chamber of Commerce
to 12/31/07
Kim Quattrone to 12/31/07
Community Celebrations Committee Audrey Ascione 1 Year
Dorothy Bernice 1 Year
Anthony Bernice 1 Year
Madeline de Velasco 1 Year
Patricia Link 1 Year
Dorothy Link 1 Year
Brian Willard 1 Year
Rosemary Willard 1 Year
Marie Kistner 1 Year
Donna Villacampa 1 Year
Maria Dingertopadre 1 Year

Jay Lustberg

1 Year

Jack Coneys

1 Year
Ronald Billetz 1 Year
Kathy Billetz 1 Year

Valerie Golio

1 Year
Dawn Pikowski 1 Year
Steven Pikowski 1 Year
Tim Crabbe 1 Year
Anna Crabbe 1 Year
Lidia Comp 1 Year
Eugene Adamkiewicz 1 Year
Elaine Adamkiewicz 1 Year

Nancy Wells

1 Year
Michele Bischoff 1 Year
Jennifer O'Brien 1 Year
Kathy Halpin 1 Year
Kathleen Dates 1 Year
Laura French 1 Year
Rodger Powell 1 Year
Joyce Powell 1 Year
Darlene Parente 1 Year
Robert Call 1 Year
Theresa Call 1 Year
Lisa Quish 1 Year
Tracie D'Amico 1 Year
Donna Longo Gassib 1 Year
Carl Houghton 1 Year
Linda Bright to 12/31/07
Dolores Tuesto to 12/31/07
Julie Palummieri to 12/31/07
Mary Alice Gareffa to 12/31/07
Carolyn Lisanti to 12/31/07
Christy Mango to 12/31/07
Joanie Schultize to 12/31/07
Suzie Cruz to 12/31/07
Environmental Transportation Commission Kathleen Dates 3 Years
Arlene Mastria 1 Year
Stephen Manis 1 Year
James Dressel to 12/31/09
Barbara DiBisceglie to12/31/09
Special Taskforce for
Gary Depken Field
Hon. Leonard Introna to 12/31/07
Hon. Anthony DiNanno to 12/31/07
Robert Brady to 12/31/07
Michael Kronyak to 12/31/07
Juergen Hofheinz to 12/31/07
Brenda Colonari to 12/31/07
Glenn Ruroede to 12/31/07
Nick DelCalzo to 12/31/07
Leslie Valenti to12/31/07
Chief Radio Communications Officer Dr. Roger Szanto to 12/31/07
Special Law Enforcement George Shihanian to 12/31/07
William Pols to 12/31/07
Robert Thomasey to 12/31/07
Joseph Attilio to 12/31/07
Thomas Rubino to 12/31/07
Police Matrons Karen Carney 1 Year
Frances L. Sanzo 1 Year
Borough Examining Drs. 1 Year
1 Year
1 Year
School Marshals Esther Long 1 Year
John Mazotas 1 Year
Karen Carney 1 Year
Helen Treptow 1 Year
Jean Reyngoudt 1 Year
Josephine Bruno 1 Year
Arthur Horne 1 Year
Joseph DiPrete 1 Year
Marilyn A. Collum 1 Year
Christie Harrington 1 Year
Donald E. Lucas 1 Year
Vincent Varelas 1 Year
Frances Sanzo 1 Year
Renita Goldsberry 1 Year
Agnes Anderson 1 Year
School Marshals Substitutes: Michael Niekrewicz 1 Year
Fire Official U.F.S.A Arthur Jackson 1 Year
Assistant Fire Official Kevin Todd 1 Year
Fire Inspectors Frank Pistilli 1 Year
Albert Saulnier 1 Year
Kenneth Kubler 1 Year
Edmund Carter 1 Year
Bruce Werner Jr. 1 Year
Paul Elenio 1 Year
Fire Mechanics Eng. Co. No.1 Christian Semenecz 1 Year
Fire Mechanics Eng. Co. No.2 Robert Thomasey 1 Year
Fire Mechanics Hook & Ladder Richard Giarratana 1 Year
Emergency Rescue Truck Robert Knobloch 1 Year
Ambulances - EMS 1 Christopher Halloran 1 Year
Ambulances - EMS2 Michael Thomasey 1 Year
Public Information Officer Angelo Roccamo 1 Year
Department Safety Officer Timothy Moots 1 Year
Department Chaplain Rev. Joseph Pickard 1 Year


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