Municipal Offices were located at 218-222 Boulevard

2002 Municipal Appointments

Position Appointee Term
Borough Attorney Ralph W. Chandless, Jr. 1 Year
Borough Engineer Kenneth G.B. Job 1 Year
Purchasing Agent/
Administrative Officer of Land Use
Michael J. Kronyak 1 Year
Borough Auditor Paul Garbarini 1 Year
Superintendent D.P.W.
Cert. Public Works Manager
Robert Heck Tenure
Construction Code Officer/
Building Subcode
Terry Naletko Tenure
Property MaintenanceOfficer/
Zoning Enforcement Officer
Glenn Paxton 1 Year
Property Maintenance Officer Patrick Vella 1 Year
Plumbing Inspector Richard Vanatta 1 Year
Electric Sub-Code Official Robert K. Rogers 1 Year
Fire Code Official Arthur Jackson 1 Year
Court Administrator Susan Paul 1 Year
Public Defender Thomas Mason 1 Year
Prosecutor Thomas Flinn
Joseph Jones
1 Year
1 Year
Borough Historian Louise Davenport 1 Year
Board of Health JoAnn Wendolowski 3 Years
Andy Paparozzi 4 Years
Rodger Powell 3 Years
Martin Saccomano- Alt 1 1 Year
Tim Crabbe - Alt 2 1 Year
Local Assistance Board Herbert D. Heeren 1 Year
Richard D'Amico 4 Years
General Assessment Board Richard Jarocki 3 Years
Planning Board Terry Naletko 1 Year
Gilbert Hunt 4 Years
David Roche 4 Years
Free Public Library Lisa Traina 1 Year
Coleen Lanzo 5 Years
Rent Leveling Board Joseph Torre 1 Year
Joseph Ciano 1 Year
Ronald Monteleone 1 Year
Roy Perham III 1 Year
Charles Stenger 1 Year
Patricia Tobin 1 Year
Recreation Commission Jay Lustberg 5 Years
Community Celebrations Committee Audrey Ascione 1 Year
Dorothy Bernice 1 Year
Anthony Bernice 1 Year
Michael Ciano 1 Year
Debra Ciano 1 Year
Joanne Ciano 1 Year
Mark Ciano 1 Year
Madeline de Velasco 1 Year
Erin Gallagher 1 Year
Patricia Link 1 Year
Penny Mazzeo 1 Year
Richard Torre 1 Year
Elizabeth Torre 1 Year
John Pirilli 1 Year
Nancy Pirilli 1 Year
Mary Russo 1 Year
Brian Willard 1 Year
Rosemary Willard 1 Year
Doug Lanzo 1 Year
Coleen Lanzo 1 Year
Doris Bruno 1 Year
Debra Torre 1 Year
Vincent Gareffa 1 Year
Mary Alice Gareffa 1 Year
Ann O'Donnell 1 Year
Marie Kistner 1 Year
Norma Wilke 1 Year
Vincent Romano 1 Year
Connie Romano 1 Year
Joseph Giancaspro 1 Year
Valerie Giancaspro 1 Year
Barbara Moore 1 Year
Helene Searle 1 Year
Connie Mason 1 Year
Shelley Claude 1 Year
Susan Verrastro 1 Year
Joyce Powell 1 Year
Donna Villacampa 1 Year
Helen O'Shea 1 Year
Christine O'Shea Canetti 1 Year
Louis Bernice 1 Year
Eileen Kiick 1 Year
Dorothy Link 1 Year
Madeline Leddy 1 Year
Design District Advisory Committee Mayor William J. Torre 1 Year
Mayor's Alternate: Lawrence Franchina 1 Year
Marlene Verrastro 1 Year
Harold Jacobus 1 Year
Arnold Steinhauff 1 Year
Doug Lanzo 1 Year
Valerie Nucera 1 Year
Ralph Mastroberte 1 Year
Susan Rinaldi 1 Year
Emergency Management Kevin Cappadona (EMT) 3 Years
Michael J. Cappadona 3 Years
Joseph A. Costa 3 Years
Vincent L. Costa 3 Years
Darren DeNigris 3 Years
Gerard DeNigris 3 Years
Robert DeNigris 3 Years
John DeVoe 3 Years
Michael DiPisa 3 Years
Patricia Godfrey 3 Years
James Halloran 3 Years
Robert Kubler 3 Years
Kevin Mathe 3 Years
William Mergo 3 Years
Amalia Moya (RN) 3 Years
Susan Paul (EMT) 3 Years
Rodger Powell 3 Years
Ronn W. Rotonda (MICP) 3 Years
Thomas Rubino (RN) 3 Years
Bruce Werner, Jr. 3 Years
William White 3 Years
Nicholas Bernice 3 Years
Michael J. Jarvis 3 Years
Kevin T. McQuade 3 Years
Eric S. Neumuller 3 Years
Sidney Lehman 3 Years
William M. Unger 3 Years
Dr. Michael J. Sanzari 3 Years
Harry A. Johnson 3 Years
Peter G. Aftayev 3 Years
Chief Radio Communications Officer Dr. Roger Szanto 1 Year
Special Law Enforcement Joseph Attilio 1 Year
William Pols 1 Year
Thomas Rubino 1 Year
Police Matrons Karen Carney 1 Year
Gail Cardaci 1 Year
Borough Examining Drs. Louis Napolitano, MD 1 Year
Thomas Bellavia, MD 1 Year
Mark Delcalzo, DC 1 Year
School Marshals Lillian Buffone 1 Year
Lillian Dwyer 1 Year
Esther Long 1 Year
John Mazotas 1 Year
Karen Carney 1 Year
Helen Treptow 1 Year
Frank Pagan 1 Year
Rita Nedellec 1 Year
Patrick Power 1 Year
Doris Holden 1 Year
Jean Reyngoudt 1 Year
Josephine Bruno 1 Year
Arthur Horne 1 Year
Joseph DiPrete 1 Year
Rita Ratkowski 1 Year
School Marshals Substitutes: Joseph Attilio 1 Year
Kathryn Warren 1 Year
Christy Harrington 1 Year
Angelo Talignani 1 Year
William White 1 Year
Fire Official U.F.S.A Arthur Jackson 1 Year
Assistant Fire Official Kevin Todd 1 Year
Fire Inspectors Frank Pistilli 1 Year
Kevin Todd 1 Year
Albert Saulnier 1 Year
Kenneth Kubler 1 Year
Angelo Roccamo 1 Year
Edmund Carter 1 Year
Richard Giarratana 1 Year
Bruce Werner Jr. 1 Year
Fire Mechanics Eng. Co. No.1 Christian Semenecz 1 Year
Fire Mechanics Eng. Co. No.2 Michael Ratkowski 1 Year
Fire Mechanics Hook & Ladder Richard Giarratana 1 Year
Emergency Truck James Halloran 1 Year
Ambulances - EMS 1 Robert Knobloch 1 Year
Ambulances - EMS2 Michael Thomasey 1 Year
Public Information Officer Arthur Knobloch 1 Year
Department Safety Officer Harry Maisch 1 Year


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